Are we really aware of the changes in our Climate?

These days, in political media, there have been havoc, created about Global Warming and its adverse effects on Earth's environment. We are been told that due to massive increment in CO2 level in the atmosphere, the temperature of the earth has started rising and the tropical areas have started being more and more hot, which in result brings the disturbed climate cycle adding the warmer effects in it. The so called 'Green House Effect' which will be the reason for melting the polar ice glaciers, will ultimately lead the sea surface level, due to which majority of the land surface will be submerged into the ocean! Recent study of IPCC predicts the increment in the average global monthly temperature from January 2001 to March 2009. We all are well aware about the basic scientific facts that what has happened till now on Earth and we are experiencing the changes in our environment through extreme adverse effect which is increasing constantly. What important is we jumped on the conclusion based on the half truth we knew till now! Milankovitch cycle has shown that the variation in the Earth's temperature has actually not increased due to global warming. Every few thousand years, the climate cycle repeats the ice age and today we are in the early stage of a coming ice age. There are many forces acting on Earth's climate, which changes in the global average temperature. The study of climate history has showcased that our climate is very sensitive to small changes in temperature which leads to energy imbalance. A scientific report states, "The Earth's climate has changed in the past and ice cores and other measures tell us why. Based on this knowledge, and other types of evidence we know the human emissions ofgreenhouse gases are warming the climate." (Cook, 2012) Furthermore, since the birth of the universe, due to thermal radioactive process, sun is constantly emitting energy which is a reason of life on earth today. When the planets got formed, all the planets were quite hot - a mixture of gases, slowly cooled down in the form of hot fluid - magma. Because of solar gravity, and distance from the sun, when the emitted energy started loosing strength - which means the sun started getting cooled down, the planets started getting cooled too, and settled. Today, the energy level is such which results the life on earth. The sun keeps on radiating the energy, which ultimately cooling it down further. This has created a significant effect on earth's rotation over its own axis. Now, as we are aware, our climate is very sensitive towards all the solar activities, reduction is solar radiation and so in earth's rotation period, disturbing the magnetosphere of earth, created an adverse impact on our climate, leading to the increment in natural disasters!